Exercise Bike Benefits – Why You Should Be Riding One Today

Exercise bikes have always been a favourite of many avid fitness enthusiasts. You may already know a little bit about these kinds of exercise machines. Though, if you’re here, then there’s a good chance you’re eager to learn more about all of the exercise bike benefits, and why you should have one in your home! Well, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Exercise bike benefits include everything, from body benefits to benefits that impact your home. Check out our complete guide to all of the excellent exercise bike benefits below.

Exercise Bike Benefits

Exercise Bike Benefits


A guide to the different kinds of exercise bikes

An exercise bike is a stationary bicycle. They mimic similar movements to the kinds that you would be while riding an outdoor bicycle. While all exercise bikes have similarities, there are a few different kinds you’ll want to consider.

An upright exercise bike is a very common kind of exercise bike. These types of bikes force you to sit up straight (or hunched over the handlebars) like you would on any regular bicycle. You pedal with your foot pedals almost directly beneath your shoulders.

Recumbent exercise bikes have you pedalling in a similar fashion. However, the pedals are further in front of your body on this model. The seating of the bike also allows you to lean back, as you have a fuller backrest. This is ideal for folks with joint or muscle problems.

Spinning bikes are almost the same as a bicycle that you would ride outdoors. They are mounted to stay inside, and your body will be able to move on them with more freedom than the recumbent or the exercise bike. These are most commonly seen in the increasingly popular spin classes.

Mini cycle exercise bikes are the smallest option. They are made with only pedals, leaving your seat of choice completely up to you. This lets you place one under your desk at work and pedal while you’re on the job!

Physical exercise bike benefits

Exercise bikes are incredible machines, both for your health and your overall lifestyle.

A common reason for wanting to start using an exercise bike is to make the cardiovascular fitness gains that come with using an exercise bike. One of the exercise bike benefits is that it helps make your heart, lungs, and muscles stronger, which are all keys to having great cardio!

Improving your cardio comes with plenty of benefits, too. Some of these include:

  • You can lower your blood pressure.
  • Your memory may improve.
  • You’ll sleep better.
  • You’ll feel less stressed.
  • You will have more energy.

Using an exercise bike can also help you reduce your body fat and lose weight. Cycling on one of these bikes will work up a sweat in no time, which makes you burn more calories. Paired with a healthy diet, this can do wonders for your waistline.

The specific exercise that you do on a bike also helps burn your body fat, as you’re burning calories while gaining muscle. You may be able to become slimmer and stronger.

Since your legs are constantly working hard while riding an exercise bike, you will see plenty of change in your muscles. Your lower body muscles, and especially your legs, will become stronger. Use a higher resistance while cycling to maximise the exercise bike benefits here.

One of the most important appeals to the exercise bike is that it offers a low impact exercise. You will put minimal pressure on your bones and joints, which is perfect for those with pre-existing conditions. Individuals recovering from an injury will also find benefits in this.

The reason for the exercise bike benefits of low-impact is caused by the way that you ride the bike. While your legs are working hard, you don’t have to move your feet from the pedals. So, your joints aren’t stressed like they would be while running or doing another intense workout.

Other exercise bike benefits

Now that you’ve learned about some of the physical exercise bike benefits, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are far more!

An attractive quality to the exercise bike is that it offers a safe alternative to outdoor workouts such as regular cycling. By staying in the home, you avoid potential dangers such as passing cars or being out for long periods of time while alone and distracted.

Worrying about the weather is another exercise bike benefit! Rain or shine, you can always hop on your indoor bike. This makes having an exercise bike appealing even for those who also use an outdoor bike. It gives you the option of choosing whether your ride will be indoor or outdoor each day.

Finally, exercise bikes are an incredibly budget-friendly option for many. Gym memberships can be expensive. The high prices are often discouraging for those who are passionate about increasing their health.

Purchasing an exercise bike has never been easier. They are relatively cheap while having a variety of different models for users who want to spend a little bit more for enhanced features. Products range from basic to advanced functions, so there’s a bike for every budget.

An exercise bike is also a small machine compared to bulky fitness products like rowing machines or treadmills. You can keep them in small flats or rooms with little to no space. They are also available in lightweight designs so that you can store them with ease.


As you can see, there are so many exercise bike benefits! Choosing to purchase an exercise bike is a decision that you will not regret. You can improve your overall fitness, lose weight and burn fat, and utilise one of the most space-effective and budget-friendly fitness machines out there!

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