DKN AM-6i Review 2022

Your home gym setup isn’t quite complete without an exercise bike. Do you agree?

If yes, you’ve probably started searching for the best exercise bikes for your home gym. There’s also a big chance that you’ve shortlisted DKN exercise bikes due to their high ratings and popularity. These bikes come at a price that won’t strain your budget, and they boast features that accelerate your workout routine.

The features that set the AM-6i apart include  compact design, adjustable seat, generous user weight, reliable flywheel, tablet holder, and 32 distinct degrees of intensity to choose from.

In this DKN AM-6i review, we look at the bike’s design in detail, as well as ease of assembly, comfort level, workout options, and added features.

About DKN Technology

The Belgium-based fitness brand DKN Technology started the evolution of Whole Body Vibration (WBV), which is a less strenuous form of exercise that involves lying, standing, or sitting on a machine with a vibrating platform.

To meet the increasingly demanding needs of modern exercise enthusiasts, their products have evolved into top-notch, trustworthy fitness products for home and commercial use. So, from a small company in Europe, DKN Fitness became a global fitness brand.

Their impressive line of workout machines is known for offering excellent value for money as well as complementing modern urban interiors.

“At DKN UK we pride ourselves on combining premium exercise equipment with industrial design, aestheticism and quality. Our high quality range is ergonomically designed to provide comfort in use whilst looking great in the home and any urban environment.”

DKN AM-6i Review: What Makes This Bike Outstanding


DKN designed the AM-6i with home riders in mind. It can handle up to 140 kg of weight, and the seat adjusts easily to ensure a comfortable riding position. 

The 11 kg flywheel makes for a smooth ride, and the 12 built-in programs allow you to take advantage of the exercise bike’s 32 resistance levels, providing you with the exact intensity you want.

What’s more, the monitor lets you store workouts across 4 individual profiles, so multiple users can keep track of their own fitness data.


  • Height: 115 cm
  • Width: 43 cm
  • Length: 78 cm
  • Bike Weight: 13.4 kg
  • Flywheel Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Max User Weight: 100 kg
  • Power Requirement: Battery (not included)

DKN AM-6i Review: Pros and Cons

The DKN AM-6i is a great option for anyone looking to squeeze in a quick spin workout straight from their home. Take a look at its pros and cons below.


  • Sleek, compact design
  • Smooth ride
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Additional motivating features


  • A little bit noisy
  • Handlebars cannot be adjusted
  • No water bottle holder

Assembly: Yes, you’ll need someone to put it together

The assembly process will take about 30 minutes. For the most part, it’s easy to put all the pieces together, all thanks to the detailed assembly manual.

Though the instructions don’t mention it,  you’ll need a friend to help you put the exercise bike together. It’s a heavy machine, weighing 41 kg, and a few steps require lifting the main unit during construction.

Design: Compact 

As for design, most of the DKN exercise bikes are pretty similar in design – it’s business-looking and compact. The DKN AM-6i, in particular, uses a step-through design in its frame. This allows you to climb on the bike without obstruction.

Compared to other bikes at this price point, the DKN AM-6i doesn’t require you to swing your foot over the frame’s top to step through the other pedal. Instead, it only requires you to lift your foot 5” off the floor, which is a favourable feature if you have a limited range of motion.

Moreover, this exercise bike won’t disrupt your room’s aesthetics since it comes in neutral colours – gray, black, and white. 

Comfort: Plenty of adjustment for riding position

The seat is one of the incredible features of the DKN AM-6i, as it is well-padded and ergonomic. It is designed to cater to different riding styles for diverse workouts. If you pull up the seat until the stem reaches the ‘STOP,’ the saddle sits at 103 cm from the floor. The seat also adjusts vertically, which is very helpful, especially for taller users! 

Unlike other exercise bikes, the handlebars can’t be adjusted. However, the H-like shape of the handlebars gives you options to vary hand placement. 

As well as allowing various hand placements, the handlebars enable heart rate monitoring thanks to the integrated pulse grip sensors. But if you want a more accurate pulse rate monitoring and the option to use Heart rate control, you can link the DKN AM-6i with a chest strap. 

As you may already know, a single riding position over a long duration can contribute to lower back pain in cyclists.  Therefore, being able to adjust the seat and vary hand placement on the handlebars not only means the bike works for any height – but most importantly, it helps ease any tension in the back as well. 

Performance: Loads of scope for intensity

This section of our DKN AM-6i review focuses on the main performance features that ensure a reliable riding experience.

Magnetic Resistance

In order to intensify the workout on the DKN AM-6i exercise bike, there are 32 computer-controlled resistance levels. This means the bike is suitable for beginners, but also for more experienced riders. You can ride with little to no resistance and gradually adjust it for a more challenging workout. 

11 kg Flywheel

The bike offers an extremely smooth ride even as you increase the resistance. This is because of the 11 kg flywheel that helps keep the bike running smoothly and maintain momentum. While it offers a smooth ride overall, it doesn’t provide a quiet workout. 

But one of the downsides of the DKN AM-6i is that the flywheel produces a low hum when riding. This means your family won’t be able to watch television in the same room without being disturbed. 

If you need an exercise bike that is absolutely dead silent, we recommend the DKN RB 4i recumbent exercise bike. Besides the smooth and quiet operation, this bike offers a generous weight capacity of 150 kg.

Other Features

If you think this exercise bike couldn’t get any better, DKN has included extra features:

Tablet Holder

If you are somebody who needs extra motivation during your workout, you’ll be pleased with the bike’s tablet holder. The holder is built for durability, so your tablet is always secure, with adequate shock absorption and structural support.

You can connect the exercise bike to your tablet via Bluetooth. Once it’s synced, you can view and control your training stats on your tablet. You can also use the Target Heart Rate training program, Watt control programs, and more!

DKN Motion Application

The DKN Motion application features iRoutes, preset programs that keep you extra motivated and entertained during workouts. For example, you can speed through some of the most accessible and beautiful scenery in the UK or anywhere in the world.

DKN AM-6i Review: Final Verdict

Go for it!

Whether you’re a cycling pro or not, the DKN AM-6i is not only a budget bike that gets the job done, thanks to its advanced features and the ability to provide long-term motivation and entertainment. 

The helpful LCD display makes it easy to track your progress, and the 12 built-in exercise programs help boost your workout performance. And the 11 kg flywheel? It offers excellent stability and ensures the bike remains in place while working out. Cycling also becomes an unconscious action because of the flywheel’s resistance and accuracy. 

Multiple users can use the DKN AM-6i as it offers complete adjustability to make sure whoever uses it is comfortable during the workout process. Hence, it can deliver the most enjoyable cycling experience for you and your family.

If you don’t mind the lack of a water bottle holder, this just might be the next exercise bike for your home gym.

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