The Best Free Indoor Cycling Apps: 4 Free Apps To Help Get You Moving

Indoor cycling apps are a great way to help facilitate your fitness.

Creating a plan or workout routine on your own can be rewarding, but it’s also a very challenging task.

Fortunately, there are now some of the best free indoor cycling apps around to help you out.

They can give you workout ideas and specific plans, can help you track your progress, set goals, and more!

So, if you have a fitness machine that can help you with indoor cycling, you need one of the best free indoor cycling apps that the internet has to offer.

We’ve made a list of our favourites to help you decide which one to download!

Best free indoor cycling apps

The Best Free Indoor Cycling Apps

RGT Cycling

The RGT Cycling app is one of the best free indoor cycling apps around. It provides high-quality, realistic graphics to boost your workout. It features workouts from some of the best cycling coaches in the world, ensuring that the education you’re getting is of the greatest quality.

You can choose to go for a leisurely ride or participate in racing modes to work towards increasing your speed and endurance. You’ll get to choose from realistic roads of a variety of terrains.

The RGT Cycling website is also home to plenty of insightful cycling information. This can help you create longer-term goals, giving you advice on how to meet them.

This indoor cycling app is free for a basic membership. However, you also have the option of paying more for a premium membership. This paid membership will give you additional abilities, such as hosting group rides and races.

Free Indoor Cycling

Image courtesy of RGT Cycling.


This indoor cycling app will provide you with structured workouts, official challenges, and access to training analytics.

Kinomap allows you to boost your training with starter videos to help you learn all about indoor cycling. You can also connect your machine to the app to allow for easy analytics. Through this you can share your activities on the website, joining the Kinomap community.

A free subscription to Kinomap will only provide you with unlimited access. It still has plenty of perks, but you’ll unlock more with their paid service. Unlimited access will cost you as little as 9,99€ per month.


Strava is one of the most well-known fitness tracking apps for runners and cyclists. The free app allows you to track all your workouts so that you can see your progress in one place. You can also set goals for yourself and see if you’re living up to them.

In addition to being a great place to track your workouts, Strava also allows for plenty of community building. You can follow friends or other cyclists and look at their workouts while letting them track yours.

This is a great way to build your competitive spirit, while also knowing that you have followers holding you accountable to your rides.

Strava can be used on a real bike through GPS tracking. Though, you can also manually log your activity on the app following your indoor ride. So, whether you’re biking outside or cycling indoors, Strava can help you out.

This app has all its basic functions available for free. There is also a premium plan available. The paid plan will provide you with more analytics, workout plans, and other features like a safety tool.

Free indoor cycling apps

Image courtesy of Strava.


This app, powered by Under Armour, is designed to track and support you through a variety of different workouts, including indoor cycling.

The app can be used for outdoor and indoor cycling. Using Endomono with indoor workouts allows you to track your progress. You can also sync the app with devices such as a heart rate sensor or smartwatch to get even more analytics.

One of the most attractive features of this app is the ability to share your workouts with friends. You’re able to compete against friends and see the other’s progress. You’re also able to post photos to your feed, creating a social network out of your love for indoor cycling.

To encourage even more morale, Endomono has a peptalk feature. This lets you send and receive motivational messages, or, “peptalks” to your friends while they are working out.

The basic features of the app are free. A paid version of Endomono gives you access to training plans, advanced statistics, and interval training functions.

Indoor Cycling Apps With Free Trials

There are even more apps that are designed for indoor cycling. However, they will run you a fee. Fortunately, many of the best indoor cycling apps allow you to take advantage of their free trials.

Whether you just want to use their functions for a short time, or want to invest in the app once you’ve tried it out, here are some of the most popular options!


Zwift is the most well-known and internationally used indoor cycling apps out there. It provides users with entirely virtual worlds to explore while cycling from the comfort of your own home. You can choose between free-riding or group rides, whether leisurely or competitively.

This app will also give you structured workouts. They are designed to improve your speed or other abilities. The Zwift community is also incredibly supportive and will encourage you to follow your goals.

The free trial for this app is typically available for 15 days before a purchase is required.


Rouvy is a budget-friendly cycling app that also offers a free 14-day trial. It’s designed with indoor cyclists at any level in mind.

The Rouvy app offers augmented reality to provide you with plenty of cycling routes. There are more than 2500 videos and GPS routes to follow!

You’re also able to create a structured training plan. They provide you with in-depth analytics as well so that you can make sure that you’re sticking to your plan.

Free indoor cycling apps

Image courtesy of Rouvy.


VeloPro is another great indoor cycling app that comes with an amazing 30-day free trial. What sets this app apart from others is that it’s ideal for cyclists of all levels. You’ll get to choose from many different workouts and classes, ensuring you always have something interesting to try next.

As an AI training application, VeloPro creates personalized training plans for each user based on their cycling goals, experience, and fitness. The app features a calendar that lists all upcoming workouts and completed rides.

Every day, VeloPro users receive an email with scheduled workouts, days off, and a weekly summary. With VeloPro, you’ll feel as if you have your own cycling coach in your pocket.


Xert is one of the most motivating indoor cycling apps currently available. This app has been designed to work in sync with your smart trainer, power meter, and heart rate monitor. Xert continually analyzes your performance in order to provide you with detailed reports that will help you improve every ride

You’ll be able to download and create custom training plans to help you reach your fitness and cycling goals. Additionally, this app allows you to compete against other riders or even yourself in order to boost your morale and give you that extra push needed for a fantastic workout.

Xert produces multiple reports for each ride including time stats, power output, cadence, heart rate, and much more. You’ll be able to use this data to create custom plans and keep track of your progress over time.

This app comes with a 30-day free trial.


TrainerRoad is another fantastic indoor cycling app that provides beginners, as well as experienced riders, with a wide range of workouts and training plans. To be more precise, the app features a catalogue of about 2,000 workouts which can be modified for outdoors as well.

TR offers focused sessions to help riders improve their performance, and the workouts are tailored to the rider’s specific goals. Chad Timmerman, Trainer Road’s Head Coach, has over 25 years of experience and creates and tweaks the training routines himself.

Another fantastic feature of TrainerRoad is that it provides a planned training experience tailored to your favourite cycling discipline, whether it’s time trials, cyclocross, climbing, road racing, triathlon, or general fitness riding.

Such a great app comes with a (high) price, but the features it offers are undoubtedly worth it. In case you change your mind, TrainerRoad offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download The Apps

Interested? You can find out how to download any of the apps below.

Regardless of which of these best free indoor cycling apps you chose from, you can rest assured that you’re downloading an app with your best interests in mind.

They’re perfect for the fitness enthusiast who likes to stay inside while still getting the best workout possible.

Not only do these apps help you track your progress, but they also make indoor cycling even more fun!

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