Kinomap App Review: Is This The Best Cycling App in 2023

Cycling apps are becoming increasingly popular with cyclists of all levels. But do they actually help you cycle better?

They can track your route, measure distance and speed, and provide real-time data on your performance. Apps can also help you find new routes and connect with other cyclists.

One of the most popular cycling apps is Kinomap. It allows you to record your rides, set goals, and compete with others. 

So why should you use the Kinomap app out of all the apps available? In this detailed Kinomap App review, we break down everything the app has to offer so that you can make an informed decision. 

Read on.

kinomap app review

What Is Kinomap and What Does It Do?

Image Source: Kinomap

Kinomap is a cycling app that records your ride and then provides a video playback of your route. This app is great for cyclists who want to track their progress or for anyone who wants to see what a particular route looks like. 

Anyone can use the app, but it is beneficial for cyclists. Kinomap can track your speed, distance, and elevation changes and provide feedback on your performance. The video playback feature is also helpful in that you can see exactly what the route looks like. 

Overall, Kinomap is a great cycling app that can help you track your progress and see what different routes look like.

Kinomap App Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Kinomap is free to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you join Kinomap, you can use it for free for 14 days. Once this elapses, you need to subscribe monthly, yearly, or lifetime.

The premium subscription fees are as follows:

Image Source: Kinomap

This is equivalent to €9.55 (monthly), €71.67 (yearly), and €215 (lifetime).

The premium features include the ability to:

  • Enjoy thousands of scenic videos,
  • Personalize your interval training,
  • Share your activities on third-party fitness platforms,
  • Join live live sessions with other participants or create your own sessions, and
  • Take part in official events and get rewarded.

Do you need any special equipment or devices to use Kinomap? Read on to find out.

What Do You Need For Kinomap?

Image Source: Kinomap

In order to use Kinomap, you need a bike, a computer or phone with internet access, and a Kinomap account. The app can be used to track your progress on indoor cycling routes as well as outdoor routes. You can also use the app to compete against other riders or join group rides.

Kinomap App Review: Pros and Cons


  • It’s a great way to explore new places. The video footage takes you on scenic routes through different landscapes, so you can experience far-off destinations without leaving your home.
  • It’s perfect for cycling enthusiasts. Kinomap offers a range of challenging courses, so you can test your skills and improve your performance.
  • It’s social media friendly. You can share your rides and achievements with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and compare your times with other riders.


  • One downside of Kinomap is that you need a good internet connection in order to use it. If your internet connection is slow or if there are interruptions in the signal, you will not be able to use the app.

Kinomap App Review: Key Features

Scenic Videos

The “scenic videos” feature is one of the most unique and popular features of Kinomap. This feature allows users to watch videos of routes from all over the world while they are tracking their progress. 

Image Source: Kinomap

The videos are shot from a first-person perspective, so you can see exactly what the route looks like and how it feels to ride or run it.

Riding a route is simple: just select it from the list and hit “Start.” The route starts playing on your phone, and you can follow it while you ride. The map shows your location in relation to the route, and you can zoom in or out as needed.

Image Source: Kinomap

Furthermore, the “scenic videos” feature can also be used to plan a cycling trip, or simply to get an idea of what the route looks like. Kinomap also includes GPS tracking, so users can see their location on the map and track their progress as they cycle.

Coaching Videos

One particularly useful feature of the app is “coaching.” 

Image Source: Kinomap

Coaching videos allow users to follow a pre-programmed workout routine or to have one tailored specifically for them by a personal coach. 

Image Source: Kinomap

This feature can be incredibly helpful for those just starting out with exercise or who are looking for more guidance in their training. In addition, coaching can be adjusted to meet the needs of any athlete, regardless of experience level or fitness goals.

Multiplayer Sessions

What makes Kinomap unique from numerous other fitness apps is that it offers a “multiplayer sessions” feature. This allows users to race against each other or follow each other’s routes in real-time. 

This feature is beneficial because it encourages social interaction and teamwork while providing a fun, new way to explore different areas. Additionally, the multiplayer feature helps to improve fitness levels and promotes physical activity.

Free Ride

This feature allows you to watch your ride as it happens, without having to record it yourself. 

The free ride feature on Kinomap is a great way to learn new routes. You can watch other cyclists as they ride the route, and then try it yourself. The feature is also great for training, because you can see how you’re doing in real time. 

Another benefit of the free ride feature is that it’s a great way to create your own ride and keep a track of your indoor training.

Structured Workout

This feature allows you to create custom workouts by selecting exercises from a library and then adding them to a sequence. You can also choose how many reps and sets you want for each exercise, as well as the duration of your workout.

Image Source: Kinomap

The structured workout feature makes it easy to create custom workouts, which can be tailored to your specific needs and abilities. It also helps to keep you accountable, since you can see exactly what exercises are coming up next in your workout. This feature is especially helpful if you’re new to cycling or if you’re trying to switch up your routine.

Image Source: Kinomap


It also has a “maps” feature that allows you to see your location on a map in real time. This can be very helpful for finding your way around or for checking to see if you’re going the right way. 

Image Source: Kinomap

The maps feature can also be used to plan routes. You can create a route on Kinomap’s website and then follow it on your phone.

Image Source: Kinomap

Types Of Workouts

The app features 26 structured workouts:

  • Valley Thrall
  • Rolling Hills
  • In the Mountains
  • The Alpine Pass
  • The Interval
  • Tour d’Egypt
  • Change
  • Altitude 1
  • Altitude 2
  • Interval 1
  • Interval 2
  • Interval 3
  • Interval 4
  • Cross 1
  • Cross 2
  • Cross 3

These workouts can be tailored to fit anyone’s fitness level, making the Kinomap app a great choice for anyone looking for a workout routine.

Kinomap App Review Final Words

Image Source: Kinomap

In conclusion, the workout platform allows users to experience real-world routes and trails from the comfort of their own homes. The company has built-in features that make its workouts some of the most structured and effective on the market.

One such feature is “coaching.” These workouts are designed by experts to target different areas of the body and challenge users in different ways. They are also scalable so that anyone can participate, regardless of their fitness level.

The structured workouts are just one of many features that make Kinomap stand out from other workout platforms. Its interactive maps, community features, and ability to track progress make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to get fit and stay motivated. If this is you, make sure to get this app!

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