DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review: Is It Worth It?

Working out at home is more important now than ever, and selecting the best exercise bike is key to creating the ultimate home gym. When you’re balancing work, school, and family responsibilities, it seems hard to add outdoor cycling to your already packed schedule. Thankfully, you can just get an exercise bike, and squeeze in a training session anytime in the comfort of your home.

In addition to being time-efficient and convenient, owning an exercise bike allows you to ride without interruptions, train with power, and keep your training consistent and interesting.

The DKN AM 3i is yet another outstanding exercise bike from one of the well-known manufacturing firms in the fitness industry. Not only does it come at a reasonable price, it also features a smooth and consistent flywheel, various pre-set programs, 32 resistance levels, and adjustable seat and handlebars – all of which make the bike your perfect companion for riding indoors. 

In this review, we’ll go over everything the DKN AM 3i exercise bike has to offer, as well as where it falls a bit short.

After reading, you’ll know whether or not this is the best exercise bike for your home workout needs.

dkn am 3i exercise bike review

DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review


The DKN AM 3i exercise bike is a follow-up to the DKN AM-3 exercise bike and it is designed to provide a heart-pumping cardio workout.

Its 11 kg flywheel operates low-key, so it won’t bother your apartment neighbors. It is also sturdy enough to hold up to 150 kg weight and provide an impressive selection of 32 resistance levels with 18 pre-programmed workout options. 

Moreover, the basic console keeps the programming simple, and the secure adjustments for the seat and handlebars are intuitive and built for comfort.



Height: 148 cm
Width: 59 cm
Length: 98 cm
Bike Weight: 38 kg
Flywheel Weight: 11 Kg
Max User Weight: 150 Kg
Resistance Levels: 32
Console Functions: Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Watts, Speed, Time
Transport Wheels: Yes
Device Holder: Yes

DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review: Pros and Cons


  • Generous maximum user weight
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Operates quietly
  • Various pre-programmed workouts
  • Impressive monitor functions
  • Excellent resistance settings


  • No water bottle holder

DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review: Design

Image Source: DKN Fitness


Setting up the bike is a breeze as the main unit of the bike comes pre-assembled. All you need to do is attach the saddle, handlebars, pedals, rear feet using the provided assembly tools.  

Once built, you can easily move this 39 kg exercise bike to its final floor position, thanks to its transport wheels.


When looking for the right exercise bike, there’s one crucial piece of the puzzle you can’t afford to get wrong during your search – the comfort factor!

If you don’t feel comfortable on an exercise bike, the bike will be nothing but an expensive piece of equipment that you hardly use or never use again at all.

Thankfully, you won’t have to go through that frustration on the DKN AM 3i exercise bike!

A 2015 survey with 244 participants found that comfort is influenced by factors related to components of the bike, specifically the saddle design and handlebars. So, we looked at how well the DKN AM 3 exercise bike’s saddle design and handlebars contribute to a good riding position.

You can adjust the soft gel-covered saddle in pitch front and rear, vertically for height and horizontally for distance, while you can tilt the handlebars towards or away from you. Both components’ range of adjustment is impressive, ensuring the most comfortable riding position for all users.

DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review: Performance


We’re seriously impressed with the 11 kg flywheel which delivers an extremely smooth and fluid ride. It is also quiet in operation, which is always a significant factor when using an exercise bike at home.

It’s worth mentioning that the smooth and fluid ride delivered by the large flywheel is accompanied by the strength and stability of the bike’s strong steel frame. In action, both bike components help you achieve your fitness goals faster.


This exercise bike is definitely your best bet because it has an impressive selection of 32 resistance levels. This feature allows you to get a really challenging workout and burn more calories. 

Besides, 32 levels of resistance is more than enough to allow you to get the most out of your exercise bike. If you think that infinite resistance would have been preferable, we’re here to tell you that more levels aren’t necessarily better. 

With infinite levels of resistance, you’ll have a hard time navigating through all the levels. It may take some fiddling with the resistance knob or digital monitor before you can find the right level. And if you’re still new to cycling, you’re more likely to ride in the same resistance range on your exercise bike and never get to use the most extreme levels. 

In addition, the DKN AM 3i exercise bike features a computer-controlled magnetic resistance system, which allows quiet and smooth operation. You’ll find this bike more convenient and reliable if you have kids at home. It offers no disturbance when you work out while your kids sleep in the next room.

DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review: Other Features

Monitor Functions

Image Source: DKN Fitness

The handlebars are engineered with the usual hand pulse sensors, but these sometimes provide inaccurate readings of your heart rate. For a more stable and accurate heart rate registration, we recommend utilizing the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless receiver. To do this, strap on the Bluetooth HR strap, and automatically connect it to the bike’s monitor. 

In addition to heart rate, the monitor also displays calories, distance, watts, speed, and time.

You can find a lip above the console’s control buttons for holding your tablet, as well as a built-in Bluetooth control module. The module allows the DKN AM 3i exercise bike to be controlled by iConsole+, BitGym, Vescape, and Kinomap on your tablet. 

Out of four compatible apps mentioned, we love the Kinomap the mostas it utilizes Google map data, with the inclusion of the decline and incline feature, to show rolling videos of popular cycling routes and trails. This, in turn, allows a more realistic cycling experience.

After each workout session, you can save the key statistics into your iLog account and share them on social media.


The bike is pre-programmed with 18 workouts that you can use to meet your specific fitness goals. These workouts are designed to vary the speed, resistance, large mountains, rolling hills, etc.

Varying the effort level required not only helps you target your goals, but, more importantly, helps beat the exercise boredom that can set in on longer training sessions. So if you’ve always struggled with that ‘I am bored with my workout’ feeling, the DKN AM 3i exercise bike, with its professionally designed exercise programs, will totally change the game.

You also get the extra advantage of storing your workout data on the console. Not only that; other users also get to keep their workout data as the bike allows up to 4 user profiles.

Final Words on the DKN AM 3i Exercise Bike Review

Overall, the DKN AM 3 exercise bike has all of the features needed for a decent workout at home.

For example, it has 32 levels of magnetic resistance to accommodate riders of all levels, and adjustable saddle and handlebars to provide a comfortable riding position.

Plus, it comes with a device holder, making it easy for you to watch movies or follow along with workout videos on your tablet or smartphone.

The only thing it doesn’t have is a water bottle holder, but it certainly shouldn’t be enough to put you off buying this exercise bike.

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