How to Use a Mini Cycle Exercise Bike – Our Guide to an Effective Workout

Exercise bikes are one of the world’s favourite fitness machines and for a great reason! They’re budget-friendly, easy to use, and they provide a great and low-impact workout!

However, they do have some downsides. Particularly, they can often be large in size and difficult to set up in a small home.

That’s there the mini cycle exercise bike comes in! If you’ve never used or heard of one of these mini bikes, you may have some questions such as how to use a mini cycle exercise bike.

We’ve put together a thorough guide to help guide you through it!

How to use a mini cycle exercise bike

How to Use a Mini Cycle Exercise Bike

What is a mini cycle exercise bike?

Picture a regular exercise bike. They’ve got a small seat, a long body that leads to the machine’s pedals, an armrest or handlebars, and a large screen for settings and feedback. Take all of that away except for the pedals, and there’s your mini cycle exercise bike!

These bikes are incredibly small in size and are designed to fit your feet, provide a stable body for the pedals, and show only a few display settings.

Now that you have a better idea of what these bikes are, let’s learn how to use a mini cycle exercise bike!

How to use a mini cycle exercise bike

You use one of these exercise bikes in the same way that you would with an exercise bike, but you have more freedom. You can choose to just sit and pedal, pedal while lifting weights, or with any variation of upper-body exercise that can be done while seated.

In addition to using this exercise bike for its expected function of foot-pedaling, you can also use it on your upper arms! Many mini cycle exercise bikes allow you to put your hands in the footholds and exercise by pushing it forward.

Like with other fitness machines, this piece of equipment allows you to adjust the resistance, giving you customization over your workout. This is especially handy if you choose to use it as an arm exerciser, as it can simulate strength-training.

LCD monitors will typically show you the distance you’ve pedaled, the calories you have burned, and the time that you have been pedaling. So, you can keep track of your workouts as easily as you can with another piece of equipment.

Why you would choose a mini cycle exercise bike

If they’re so small, why would anyone choose a mini cycle exercise bike over a regular exercise bike? Well, the most important factor is its convenience! You can set one of these machines up under any desk, chair, couch, or other seated area. This allows you to pedal away while watching TV, at the office, or while doing some light reading.

While many of them can be heavier than expected, they’re a great space saver. You don’t have to worry about setting it up in one place and keeping it there. It’s also easy to store in closets or under tables.

Another benefit of these bikes is their quite functioning. Most other machines make loud noises while in use and can be bothersome for those who don’t live alone, or for people who like to watch television while exercising. Most mini cycle exercise bikes are designed to be very quiet, making little to no noise.

The health benefits of a mini cycle exercise bike

The mini cycle exercise bike is not built to be as stable as other options. So, you cannot complete a full intensity exercise, as the machine just won’t allow for it. Your workout won’t be completely comparable to, say, a fast bike ride. Based on the movements and capacity of the machine, it will do a better job of simulating a brisk walk.

Despite not being a full-body, high-intensity workout, you can still find plenty of health benefits from the mini cycle exercise bike. Like with long walks, this type of exercise can burn hundreds of calories in a single session if you’re committed to using it for long enough.

As mentioned, there are ways to make this an even better workout. Use the machine while lifting weights to exercise your lower and upper body. You could also use two machines, one for your legs and one for your arms, at the same time! While it may seem smarter to buy a different type of exercise machine for that purpose, it still comes along with the great space-saving abilities of the mini cycle exercise bike.

This machine is also ideal for those who want to exercise but are recovering from an injury, have joint problems, or other concerns that limit their physical abilities. It’s incredibly low-impact, and a safe option for most potential users.

What other types of exercise bikes exist?

Not completely sold on the mini cycle exercise bike? Fortunately, there are other options! Exercise bikes have a variety of different styles that are targeted at each unique user.

The recumbent bike is one of the most favoured exercise bikes out there. It’s designed to give the user maximum comfort while still getting in a great workout! The seat is large enough to sit comfortably, and you also have a backrest to put you in a reclined position. The pedals are positioned in front of the body, allowing your legs to stretch out.

A typical critique of the recumbent bike is its drastic difference when compared to the outdoor bicycle. Many people like to use an exercise bike to train for outdoor cycling or to mimic the feeling of riding a bike outdoors. The way that you sit on a recumbent bike is so different that it’s hard to compare to regular cycling.

The upright bike is another favourite of fitness enthusiasts. This is more like the outdoor bike as it seats you on a small cushion. The pedals are also placed directly under your body, just like you would find with an outdoor bike.

The main complaint of the upright bike is the lack of comfort. The seats are quite small, which can be a major concern for those in need of more comfort or just a little extra space. This can create problems including soreness.

The spin bike is the closest machine to an actual outdoor bicycle that you can find, short of just putting your bike on something to suspend it. These are designed for spinning classes, allowing you to do all the moves that you could while cycling. Specifically, it allows for things like raising your bottom, pedaling backward or forward, and more.

Now that you’ve learned how to use a mini cycle exercise bike and about what the machine is, are you feeling more inclined to try it out?

These machines are great for those in need of a low-impact exercise, or who just can’t help but want to move their feet during a long day behind a desk!

All you need to do to use them is throw on some sneakers, slide your feet into the right position, and pedal away. What could be easier than that?

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