Are Folding Exercise Bikes Any Good? Our Guide for if it’s Worth Buying

There are so many different forms of exercise equipment out there.

From treadmills to rowing machines and everything in between, there’s a lot to look for!

If you’ve come across this guide, you’re likely wondering are folding exercise bikes any good. You want to make sure that you’re buying a product with confidence.

And, when it comes to exercise bikes, there’s a lot you might want to know before you click “purchase”!

So, we’ve got all the important information you need to make a smart decision!

Are exercise bikes any good

Are Folding Exercise Bikes Any Good?

What is a folding exercise bike?

A folding exercise bike is exactly as it sounds! These bikes have all the same benefits as a typical upright exercise bike, with the added perk of being foldable!

They are designed to be able to fold and unfold when needed, making it a great, space-saving choice.

Folding exercise bikes closely resemble the outdoor bikes that you’re likely used to. It puts your body in an upright position with pedals positioned almost directly underneath your body.

The seats are sized similarly to outdoor bikes, though they can sometimes be a bit larger.

The closest comparable fitness machine is the recumbent bike.

This type of exercise bike provides similar health benefits but is designed with more comfort in mind.

The seats on the recumbent bike are much larger and have backrests. Additionally, your feet are positioned in front of you.

The health benefits of using a folding exercise bike

Are folding exercise bikes any good?

The answer to that question mostly relies on what you want to use it for. Folding exercise bikes provide all the same health benefits as other bikes.

So, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just keep your heart rate up, there’s a good chance that the bike will be a pretty great choice!

Here are some of the most important benefits of using a folding exercise bike:

  • It can help lower your blood pressure
  • You’ll sleep better
  • You’ll find yourself in a better mood
  • You will have more energy
  • You can burn more body fat
  • Weight loss is easier
  • You will be doing a low-impact workout
  • Your lower body muscles will become stronger

Basically, the folding exercise bike is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

One of the most impressive benefits is the safety involved. Since the bike provides a low-impact workout, you can use it if you’re recovering from an injury or have any other difficulties that exercise may worsen.

Why choose a folding exercise bike?

If you’re debating choosing an exercise bike compared to another fitness machine like a treadmill, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with many benefits.

In addition to the many things that it can do for you listed above, it’s also a much more budget-friendly decision. The folding exercise bike won’t put a dent in your pocket compared to other exercise machines!

Once you’ve decided on going for an exercise bike, you’ll want to compare it to the other bike options available.

So, your folding exercise bike may be up against the recumbent bike or the typical outdoor bike.

So, why should you pick the folding exercise bike over the other options? Compared to them, are folding exercise bikes any good?

Folding exercise bikes are the optimal space saver. Most non-recumbent cycling choices are good for space, but the ability to fold it and store it in your closet is always a perk.

Since they require little space, you can bring it out and put it back in storage whenever you need to use it. They’re also light enough for easy travel.

Since the folding exercise bike is so lightweight, you can also change up where you exercise!

If you have a home gym set up just for working out, then you’ll have no problem setting it up there.

Fortunately, it can also be moved to spaces like in front of the television or even on the outdoor deck if you want to get some fresh air.

Things to consider

While folding exercise bikes are a great choice for many, there are some considerations that you might want to look out for.

If you have problems sitting on a small surface, the folding exercise bike may not be for you. The seats are small and can be problematic for anyone who seeks optimal comfort.

You can buy padded seat covers, but this may not make up for the lack of space in some situations. The recumbent bike may be a better choice if you are in need of a large seat and/or a backrest.

Since folding exercise bikes tend to be smaller than many machines, there are also weight-bearing capabilities to consider. Some bikes can have users up to 28 stone. Others may only be able to bear 18 stone. So, ensure that you read your bike’s size requirements before purchasing.

You may also want to ensure that a folding exercise bike will work with your goals. If you are trying to build upper body strength easily, the bike may not be the best option for you.

If you are hoping for a machine with plenty of resistance and that can mimic outdoor cycling, check to see if the model you’re looking at offers plenty of customization.

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After learning more about exercise bikes, you may still be thinking about whether it’s the right purchase choice.

So, are folding exercise bikes any good?


They can be great machines for people who prioritize space, convenience, and budget-friendly choices.

There are a few limitations to the exercise bike, and comfort is one of it’s bigger drawbacks.

However, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase will be a healthy one.

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